Technical Support Service Guidelines for Alooma Services Agreement v1.0

Last modified: June 04, 2019.

The following technical support services guidelines ("Guidelines") apply to the Services (as described in the Alooma Services Agreement (the “Agreement”), executed by Customer and Alooma on or after June 04, 2019. For clarity, these Guidelines do not apply to support for Google Cloud Platform Services, which are governed by separate terms. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Guidelines have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

1. Obtaining Support

1.1 Customer Efforts to Fix Errors; Support Request Submission

Before making a Request, Customer will use reasonable efforts to fix any error, bug, malfunction, or network connectivity defect without escalation to Alooma. Following such attempts, Customer may submit a Request via email.

1.2 Priority Designations

Customer designates P1–P4 Priority on submission of Requests. Alooma will review Customer's Priority designation and may change designations that Alooma believes are incorrect. Alooma will inform Customer of such change in its response to the support Request. Alooma's designation is final and binding on the Customer.

1.3 Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests

When making a Request, Customer will provide all requested diagnostic information and assist Alooma as may be required to resolve a Request.

1.4 Request Acknowledgement

Alooma may respond to a Request by acknowledging receipt of the Request. Customer acknowledges and understands that Alooma may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve all, Requests.

2. Support Channel

The Premier Services Edition support channels include email, support portal, and phone communications. The Enterprise Services Edition support channels include email, support portal, and phone, and chat communications.

3. General Support Hours and Target Initial Response Times

P1 Priority Requests are responded to 24x7. P2, P3 & P4 Requests are responded to during the Hours of Operation. Any P2, P3 or P4 Requests received outside the Hours of Operation will be logged and processed during the next Business Day. Target initial response times are based on the Services Edition.

4. Premier and Enterprise Services Edition Support

Alooma will process Requests, as follows:

PriorityPremier Services EditionEnterprise Services Edition
P1 8 hour1 hour
P2 12 hour4 hour
P324 hour 8 hour
P424 hour8 hour

5. General Provisions

5.1 Language Support Generally

Alooma will provide all support under these Guidelines in the English language.

5.2 Data Processing Activities

Alooma collects and processes Support Data for the purpose of providing support under these Guidelines and maintaining the Services.

6. Definitions

6.1 “24 x 7” means twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

6.2 "Business Day" means any day during the Hours of Operation.

6.3 "Hours of Operation" means 8 AM PST to 5 PM PST Mon–Fri, except for Holidays in local time for each region listed in Section 6.4 (Definitions).

6.4 "Holidays" means the following days, stated at Support Regional Holidays, which are excluded from the "Hours of Operation."

6.5 "P1" means Critical Impact – Services unusable in production.

6.6 "P2" means High Impact – Services use severely impaired.

6.7 "P3" means Medium Impact – Services use partially impaired.

6.8 "P4" means Low Impact – Services fully usable.

6.9 "Priority" means the level of impact a Request is having on Customer's operations and is used to establish initial target response times. Priority is established on a scale of P1 through P4.

6.10 "Request" means a request to Alooma for technical support to resolve a question or problem report regarding the Services.

6.11 "Support Data" means account details and the information that Customer provides to Alooma for the purpose of obtaining support under these Guidelines, including Requests for support and the details provided to Alooma about the specific support issue.

6.12 "Alooma" means Alooma Inc. and/or Google LLC.