Real-time Data Ingestion

Ingest and enrich constant streams of data for real-time analysis, insights, and action.

The Challenge

Event data volumes are being captured an an unprecedented rate. But we now exist in a world of Big Analysis, not just Big Data. Making sense of all the data at scale and speed is critical to compete. The challenge is being able to pipe huge amounts of data in near real-time with zero latency and failure tolerance. If you’re a data engineer, you know how much dirty data plumbing work is required.

The Solution

Alooma ingests all real-time data and events as a stream, simplifying data integration for real-time analytics, data warehousing and other real-time use cases, such as web traffic, mobile gaming, financial trading, network security or sensors on machines. Streaming analytics and data ingestion feed real-time dashboards that transform live data into actionable and insightful visuals.

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