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Alooma Is

Strava, HotelTonight, Harmoney, and The Zebra describe what Alooma is and how important data is.

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Creating a Data Strategy

This article will guide you through the kinds of questions you'll need to explore as you're planning your data strategy and starting to think about your data architecture.

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Buyer’s Guide to Data Integration Solutions

Data fuels modern business. With the amount and variety of data constantly increasing, you need a data integration solution that will meet your needs today, and tomorrow.

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Managing the IoT Data Explosion

We're in the midst of the IoT age, and the amount, variance, and volume of data continues to expand. Managing that data is a crucial component for success.


Why did you choose Snowflake over Amazon Redshift?

When considering data warehouse solutions there comes an inevitable comparison of Snowflake and Redshift. See how the two data warehouses stack up in price, features, and maintenance.


Customer Story: Chatbooks

With Alooma, Chatbooks discovered the data insights to increase NPS, focus on high performing marketing channels, boost email open rates, and reduce time needed to perform new integrations.


Pro Tips: MySQL Partitioning and Sharding

In this webinar we discuss sharding within the context of scaling MySQL. Review the common challenges for maintaining your analytics data at scale and ways to replicate your MySQL data.


A Guide to Cloud Migration

Considering making a cloud migration? In this article, learn about all of the factors you'll want to consider to quickly, efficiently, and securely relocate your data.