Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to and its services, owned and operated by Alooma Inc. (“we”, "us", "Alooma"). We papered this privacy policy to outline our practices with respect to collecting, using and disclosing information through the use of our website and our services (“Services”).

What is Alooma?

Alooma is a data platform that allows users to build data pipelines. Users can import data from any source and the platform natively supports dozens of the most popular data sources.

Alooma may act in one of two distinct ways:

As a “data controller” we provide our Services and collect data from our website users (“Website Users”) as well as from our business partners and clients (collectively: “Clients”). As a data controller, we have direct relationship with individuals (e.g. Website Users, Client’s representatives, etc.) who provide their data when using our platform.

As a “data processor”, we provide our Services under the sole direction of our Clients, who are acting as the data controllers and provide us with information related to their online users or customers.

If you are a customer or a user of one of our Clients and would no longer like to be contacted by one of our Clients that use our Services, please contact the Client you interact with directly. Likewise, if you have any questions or requests regarding the handling of your information, please direct all inquiries to the applicable Client, which has the control over your information and the ways by which such information is collected and processed.

How do we collect information?

As a data controller, Alooma may collect personal information online when an individual wants to become our business partner, when requesting a demo, when signing up for a trial, or when contacting us. The personal information we collect may include, without limitation, your first and last name, title, company name, email address llectuldd"t type="t aprovide t theu are a cunulddist and in of tlsonal information online when aness partn) as well as initial i Sn is collected ant limis IPuldd"t t, of nio, -co thifi

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