Alooma Announces New Integration with Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena to Simplify Data Loading and Power Next-Gen AI and Machine Learning Capabilities at Scale

Redwood City, CA—December 13, 2018—Alooma (, the company behind the industry's best enterprise-grade data pipeline and integration services, today announced a new integration with Amazon Web Service’s high-powered S3 platform.

Amazon S3 is the go-to solution for cloud data storage, allowing companies to store and retrieve virtually limitless volumes of data from any source. The data stores are critical to fueling emerging machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that enable next-generation solutions ranging from predictive analytics and support chatbots to autonomous vehicles and telemedicine.

Alooma’s automated data pipeline is the missing piece for organizations eager to leverage their enterprise data with new machine learning-driven services, applications, and capabilities. Alooma aggregates data from virtually any enterprise app, database, or API, and transforms it in real time with complete transparency.

Now organizations can confidently ingest any data set and standardize, map, cleanse, or enrich it before loading it directly into Amazon S3, where it can be analyzed and operationalized in virtually any manner.

"Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence applications increase the demand for reliable, real-time access to data beyond levels we’ve ever seen before," says Alooma CEO Yoni Broyde. “Incorporating Alooma automated data integration solutions with a data lake operating on the world’s largest cloud infrastructure gives companies and their business users unparalleled capabilities without the heavy capital investments or staffing that plagues most Big Data initiatives.”

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About Alooma:

Alooma, the enterprise data pipeline built for the cloud, enables teams to integrate, clean, enrich and stream data from any data source to any cloud data warehouse. With hundreds of integrations and enterprise scalability, nothing stands between you and your data. Alooma allows data preparation of any data source — databases, event data, SaaS, files — before loading into any data warehouse with a high standard for security across SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and EU-US Privacy Shield, GDPR compliance.