Restream Queue

Never lose an event with Alooma’s safety net. We catch any error, for any reason, and “restream” it through the pipeline for exactly once processing.

Your data is safe with the Restream Queue

No matter the error reason, we catch your unloaded events and keep them safe and accessible.
Safety Net
Code can be buggy, but the Restream Queue captures any errored events till the bug is fixed.
Schema changes
Any schema change you choose not to handle automatically will be captured until you choose how to map it.
Data type mismatches
Data is rarely perfect, so when an event with a bad data value shows up, rest assured we’ll hold on to it.
The Restream Queue
One of our engineers explains our proprietary safety net in under a minute.
S3 Retention
Alooma provides you an additional layer of protection with S3 Retention. Stream your raw, untransformed events directly into an S3 bucket of your choice to create a streaming data backup. S3 Retention enables you to replay your data through Alooma at any time, for any reason.
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