Data Type Conversion and Mapping with Alooma

Data Type Conversion and Mapping with Alooma

Convert your data (any type and source) just the way you want with Alooma Mapper. Manage schema changes and infer schemas automatically.

Mapping made easy

Automatically map schema changes, or customize your mappings to your liking.

OneClick and Custom Modes
Whether your data is structured or semi-structured, Alooma infers schemas and allows you to automatically map your integrations with OneClick, or take charge with custom mappings where you want ultimate control.

Managed Schema Changes
In the real world, data changes happen and can even be unexpected. When your data changes, Alooma responds in real time to make sure you never lose an event. Choose to manage changes automatically, or get notified and make changes on demand.
The Mapper
One of our engineers explains how we’ve made mapping easy in under a minute.