Code Engine

Customize your data exactly how you need it by writing real code to enable sophisticated data uses such as real-time alerts, sessionization, anomaly detection, and more.

Enrich your data stream

Unlock your data stream’s power with these top use cases.
The Code Engine
Our Director of Product explains the power of the Code Engine in under a minute.
GitHub integrated
Write versioned and managed code in your own environment, updated automatically in Alooma as you commit.
Testable and modular
Code Engine code can be written in a modular way, with unit and integration testing capabilities built right in.
Custom packages
Have a favorite Python package? Use your own packages, or our built in ones, to run whatever you want on the stream.
Stateful processing
Use Alooma’s stateful processing engine to unlock scenarios like sessionizing, alerting, anomaly detection, and more.
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