Load Zendesk data to Snowflake in minutes.

Load Zendesk data to Snowflake to improve your customer service and to leverage your customer service data to have a better understanding of your end-to-end business performance.

How it works

By leveraging the Alooma enterprise data pipeline, you can easily integrate, connect, and watch your Zendesk data flow into Snowflake.


Add Zendesk as a data source.


Map Zendesk data to Snowflake.


See Zendesk data flow into Snowflake.

Export your Zendesk data along with all of
your other data sources to Snowflake.


Zendesk provides a cloud-based customer support platform which allows quicker and easier interaction between businesses and customers.


Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud, capable of solving problems that legacy and on-premise data platforms were not designed.