Load mParticle data to Snowflake in minutes.

Load your mParticle data to Snowflake to generate custom reports and dashboards. Join your mParticle data with other data sources, such as billing and user data, to make it even more valuable.

How it works

By leveraging the Alooma enterprise data pipeline, you can easily integrate, connect, and watch your mParticle data flow into Snowflake.


Add mParticle as a data source.


Map mParticle data to Snowflake.


See mParticle data flow into Snowflake.

Export your mParticle data along with all of
your other data sources to Snowflake.


mParticle is the only customer data platform built for mobile and native apps across all devices. mParticle was built from the ground up to empower mobile marketers and developers to accelerate their mobile strategy.


Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud, capable of solving problems that legacy and on-premise data platforms were not designed.