Load Cassandra data to any data warehouse in minutes.

Load your Cassandra data to any data warehouse to run custom SQL queries and to generate custom reports and dashboards. Combine your Cassandra data with other data sources to make it even more valuable.

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How it works

By leveraging the Alooma enterprise data pipeline, you can easily integrate, connect, and watch your Cassandra data flow into any data warehouse.


Add Cassandra as a data source.


Map Cassandra data to any data warehouse.


See Cassandra data flow into any data warehouse.

Export your Cassandra data along with all of
your other data sources to any data warehouse.


Cassandra is an open source, high performance, distributed database designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure.

Cassandra to RedshiftCassandra to Google BigqueryCassandra to SnowflakeCassandra to MySql
Any data warehouse

Alooma allows loading your data to all the popular data warehouses, such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, MemSQL and MySQL.

Use your favorite business intelligence tools to visualize your Cassandra data

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