Alooma an Alternative to Informatica

Alooma is a scalable, secure, enterprise data pipeline built for the cloud.

Why Alooma?

Integrate any data source

Alooma integrates with the most popular SaaS services, databases, marketing tools, and APIs.

Cloud native

Alooma is designed and built for the cloud. We support the widest range possible of source formats and data destinations with scalability, accuracy, and low latency.

Access to data when you need it

Ingest and enrich constant streams of data for analysis, insights, and action.

Set up in minutes

Start integrating and streaming your data in minutes, not months.

More reasons to choose Alooma

Alooma Live is a real-time visualization tool that enables data scientists and engineers to monitor live data streams.

The Code Engine allows you to customize your data by writing real code to enable sophisticated data uses such as complex transformations, real-time alerts, anomaly detection, and more.

The Mapper automatically infers schemas and maps schema changes, or enables customization of mappings, ensuring you meet all your data governance requirements.

The Restream Queue is Alooma’s safety net. It catches any events that fail to load and “restreams” that data through the pipeline for exactly once processing.

Flexible pricing to fit your needs. Select a package that best fits your team, and pay for what you use.

The Alooma platform is built around a robust and flexible security architecture: SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and EU-US Privacy Shield, and GDPR compliant.