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The Challenge

Healthcare is ultimately about taking care of sick or injured people. In a world filled with danger, accidents and risks; nurses and doctors have enough problems to deal with. They shouldn’t need to worry about Inefficient systems, processes and bad data, but they do. The reality is hospitals and healthcare facilities struggle to take advantage of extremely useful data that is scattered across applications and EMRs. This makes governing and using data extremely difficult.

The Solution

Pulling all the data together from medical, patient, administrative records is the key. To do this, the Alooma platform is able to ingest data from any source, convert it into the right format and load it into a data warehouse, ready for analysis. Alooma is able to process data in near real-time, allowing doctors and healthcare professionals to make critical timely decisions. Alooma is 100% HIPAA compliant, ensuring data remains private and secure.

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