Understand exactly what is driving your players to keep playing, churn or pay

The Challenge

The gaming world is fascinating. Beyond stunning art and creativity, building a successful game requires intelligent game mechanics. Game producers need to constantly test and experiment to perfect the player experience. But complexity arises when a gaming studio has to absorb millions or billions of event data, combine it with payment data and marketing data to get full insight into how to improve the business. It’s not easy to do.

The Solution

Alooma can bring all the data you need together and more. To start, there are many existing input sources to integrate from or custom sources if you need like JSON and Kafka. Once the inputs are sorted, you have the control to enrich the data with extra insightful data before it hits your data warehouse. Layer on top your favorite BI or data visualization tool and now your team is ready to enhance the player experience and maximize conversions.

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