Connecting via SSH


SummaryInstructions about connecting your Redshift data warehouse when it's behind an SSH server.

If your target data warehouse is behind an SSH server, select the Connect via SSH checkbox option in the target creation experience.

From there you'll need to indicate:

  • The IP or DNS of your SSH server as seen from the public internet

  • The SSH port of the SSH server as seen from the public internet (default port is 22)

  • The user name on the SSH server for the SSH connection (the standard is alooma)

  • An authentication option (we recommend using our public key)

To authenticate via a public key you'll need to add our public key to your .ssh/authorized_keys file on your SSH Server:

  1. Create group alooma:

    sudo groupadd alooma

  2. Create user alooma and its home directory:

    sudo useradd -m -g alooma alooma

  3. Switch to the alooma user:

    sudo su - alooma

  4. Create the .ssh directory:

    mkdir ~/.ssh

  5. Set permissions:

    chmod 700 ~/.ssh

  6. Move to the .ssh directory:

    cd ~/.ssh

  7. Create the authorized_keys file:

    touch authorized_keys

  8. Set permissions:

    chmod 600 authorized_keys

  9. Using your favorite text editor, add our public SSH key to the authorized_keys file.

    The key (below) must be all on one line, so make sure there's no unintentional line breaks.

    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC+t5OKwGcUGYRdDAC8ovblV/10AoBfuI/nmkxgRx0J+M3tIdTdxW0Layqb6Xtz8PMsxy1uhM+Rw6cXhU/FQWbOr7MB5hJUqXY5OI4NVtI+cc2diCyYUjgCIb7dBSKoyZecJqp3bQuekuZT/OwZ40vLc42g6cUV01b5loV9pU9DvRl6zZXHyrE7fssJ90q2lhvuBjltU7g543bUklkYtzwqzYpcynNyrCBSWd85aa/3cVPdiugk7hV4nuUk3mVEX/l4GDIsTkLIRzHUHDwt5aWGzhpwdle9D/fxshCbp5nkcg1arSdTveyM/PdJJEHh65986tgprbI0Lz+geqYmASgF

If you prefer to authenticate with a password, you can choose that option and specify your password.

If you have any questions about SSH or anything else, contact Alooma support.

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