SummaryA brief discussion about the two different types of queries: Default (or Consolidation) and Custom scheduled queries, including how to view them and get information about them via the UI.

With Alooma there are two types of queries, both of which are scheduled: Deafult (Consolidation) and Custom scheduled queries. In general terms, Consolidation queries (Default queries, aka Consolidations) are automatically created and scheduled by Alooma, where Custom queries are ones you create via the API and then schedule. 

You can see scheduled queries (both Default and Custom) in the UI via the Queries tab on the output node in Plumbing.


The Queries listing shows the status of each query including the last time it was run and the next run time. You can click Run to run the query immediately.

Click More Details to see the actual query itself, along with other related information. If a query resulted in a warning or error message, the message is included in the information as well. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the details screen to copy the query to your clipboard.


You can sort the listing by clicking on a column (Query name, Query status, etc.).

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