Granting BigQuery Access


SummaryInstructions for granting BigQuery access and setting up BigQuery as an output in Alooma.

Setting up access to your BigQuery data warehouse just takes a couple of simple steps.

Step 1 - Grant Project access

To run Load jobs, grant the BigQuery Data Editor, Job User, and User roles to the authenticated user (the user you logged in as) for the relevant BigQuery Dataset Project container (note that if you don't plan to create new Datasets via Alooma, READ permissions are sufficient):

  1. Access your Google Cloud Console.

  2. Click the Project name for which you want to grant access.

  3. Open the sidebar menu by clicking the hamburger (3 lines) button in the top left, then choose IAM & Admin.

  4. In the IAM menu click the ADD button.

  5. Paste your Google Cloud user's email address under NEW MEMBERS. The user must be the owner of the project and dataset or have write permissions on both the project and dataset. (If you're using an existing user, you can click the edit button/pencil icon.)

  6. Click the drop-down list and choose BigQuery Data Editor (or Viewer if you don't plan on using Alooma to create datasets) on the secondary drop-down list. Repeat this process to add Job User and User.

  7. Click Add. If you're editing an existing user, click Save.

Step 2 - Grant Dataset access

To enable Alooma to write to a specific dataset, grant WRITE permissions to the authenticated user for the relevant BigQuery Dataset:

  1. Access your Google Cloud Console.

  2. Click the Project name for which you want to grant Alooma access.

  3. In the sidebar menu, under Big Data click BigQuery.

  4. In the new window, verify the Project name (to switch projects, click the down arrow next to the project name, then hover on "Switch to project" and select a different project).

  5. Hover on the dataset, then click the down arrow when it appears and click Share Dataset.

  6. In the Share Dataset dialog, make sure the Google Cloud user has the "Is owner" or the "Can edit" permission for the dataset.


    In order to share datasets, you may need to use BIgQuery's classic web UI:

  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Save changes.

That's it, you're done configuring access — time to Connect to BigQuery.

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