Connecting to Azure


SummaryHow to specify your Azure warehouse information so that Alooma can connect.

Once you've granted access to your Azure data warehouse, you'll need to indicate the warehouse information Alooma will use to connect. Fill out the connection information:

  1. Click on the Output node of the Plumbing page.

  2. If you're not already on the Settings page, select the Settings tab.

  3. Fill out the connection information:

    • Server name: the name of the server hosting your Azure SQL Data Warehouse. For example, if your server is '', you would enter 'myserver' here.

    • Database name: The database name of your Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

    • Username and Password: The username and password used to connect to your Azure server.

    • Default schema: The schema Alooma will write to, by default. You'll still be able to map to any other schema to which Alooma has access.

  4. You can choose not to validate the Azure settings and save them regardless of their validity by checking the "do not validate" option (not recommended).

  5. Click Save changes.

That's it! You've created an Azure output. Alooma can now connect to your target Azure data warehouse.

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