January Releases (Subscription view, performance improvements)

The new year has arrived and with it a new release note — welcome to January!

Our new year's resolution is to keep being the best data pipeline in the market - and we've spent the last month making improvements to be just that! Many of them are in the backend to improve overall product quality, but here are a few we hope you'll notice and enjoy.

  • We've made some great performance improvements for MySQL and Oracle. As your inputs grow, we'll scale accordingly. Bring on the data!

  • The Subscription view (previously known as Credits when we started rolling it out in November) under the Settings tab is now available to all customers. This page gives you information about your subscription including usage over time, current subscription/billing period, and more. Check it out, and make sure to reach out to your account exec if you have any questions about your subscription.

  • The selection controller that lets you choose tables or objects for many of our inputs such as MySQL and HubSpot is now better than ever. Add and remove tables and objects with ease in a smoother experience.

  • Expired Facebook password? Have no fear - Facebook re-authentication is here! Just click the "Continue with Facebook" button on the Settings tab of a Facebook input to re-authenticate, and you're good to go.

  • We've heard reports and seen our monitoring indicate that some of our APIs are returning more 500s than we'd like to see. We've spent quite some time making sure that our APIs are more robust and responsive than ever.

Bug fixes
  • The tab addicts among us (let's be honest: all of us) can breathe a collective sigh of relief - the bug that was blocking us from opening Alooma pages in a new tab is fixed!

  • There were some points in the bottom of the mapper where we cut off some text - no more.

  • One of our favorite Snowflake features is being able to map a dictionary to a variant type or flatten into separate fields. We now fixed the Mapper UI bug that showed "select structure" instead of "FLAT" for flattened dictionaries.

As the gyms clear out in February you can be sure we'll still be working hard to make Alooma bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned for more!

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