September 2018 (Secrets in Code Engine)

Welcome to the September Release!

Secrets in Code Engine

We've all got secrets... You know, things like tokens or keys or usernames or passwords. Well, now there's a safe way to create, use, modify, and delete them! Introducing the Vault (secrets management API)! So next time you need to pass a password in the Code Engine, we've got you covered.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Azure Data Warehouse output is now in public beta.

  • We added a link to see the data in your data warehouse (available in the input 'Live' tab, if your output is either Snowflake or BigQuery).

  • We've added a couple of table-related methods to the Alooma API Python client: drop_table() drops a table and, optionally, its dependencies. get_table_dependencies() returns a list of the dependencies for the specified table. Read all about these and the rest of the methods in the Python client reference here.

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