October 2018 (In-app support tickets)

Welcome to the October release! This month we've been hyper-focused on quality so the features you know and love in Alooma will be better than ever. In that vein, we have one big feature and a whole lot o' little ones to keep things humming.

In-app Feedback

Sometimes you need a little help, and we're here for you! The best way to communicate with us is through support requests (which, by the way, we manage in Zendesk). Till now we've encouraged you to open those by emailing - and if that's your thing, keep doing it! But now we've made that even easier via a new Contact Support option under the settings menu.

Just fill out the form, indicate how urgent the issue is for you, upload any relevant data (screenshots are the best!) and we'll be on it as soon as possible.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • We've added the ability to log in via SSO (not just Alooma credentials or G Suite) right from the login screen. Interested in setting up SSO with Okta, Active Directory, or another SAML provider for your organization? Give us a holler (did we mention the in-app feedback?!).

  • We added timestamp (0) as a legit option for Update Indicator field in Oracle.We now support 3 day delete retention on Redshift - which means if a delete event from any of your CDC inputs gets delayed or comes in out of order, we'll still get it right! Not a Redshift user? No worries, we already had you covered.

  • We've been improving our error messaging across the board in inputs - we hope that in the event the input hits an error, things will be getting clearer and clearer over time. Makes for fewer, and clearer, support tickets for us as well!

  • Our Facebook Ad Insights input was sometimes failing when it took too long to run a report - now we take into account whether or not it's making progress before it times out. We also removed the deprecated social-impressions field.

Hope you enjoy our October release! We're going to have LOTS to share in November, so stay tuned!

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