November 2018 (S3 output beta, credits exposure, top navigation)

You've made it to the November release - welcome!

Last month we promised big things, and we're here to give 'em to you!

S3 output available in private beta

If you use S3, you know the incredible value that having all your data available in near real time in S3 can deliver. Whether it's for querying with Amazon Athena or Redshift Spectrum, or for feeding your AI or ML workloads, Alooma has now got you covered!

S3 as an output is now available in private beta, so you can get even more organizational value out of your streaming data. Interested? Contact us and we'll work on getting you started.

Credits usage exposure

Ever wondered how many credits you're using? How that usage is distributed across multiple instances? How your usage has changed over time? How many you have left? All great questions, and now all with answers! From your Settings page, just select the Credits tab and take a look. This is still being enabled across our customer base, so if you're not seeing it yet, just let us know.

New and improved top navigation

The ability to switch between your available instances, get to documentation, and open a support ticket just got easier! Gone are the days of fiddling with URL navigation. Enter the days of new top navigation controls. New in the top right of your page are controllers that lead you to help and let you navigate around your instances in a breeze.

This also cleared up some valuable real estate in our left navigation bar - a win/win! You may also note this came with some snazzing up and streamlining of our UI for cleanliness and readability. Enjoy!

Snowflake loading optimizations

Snowflake is a true cloud-first data warehouse, with game-changing separation of storage and compute. To take full advantage of this, we now give you new controls that let you define the right balance for your business between data freshness and keeping your query costs low.

  • Loading via Snowpipe: Snowpipe provides a “pipeline” for loading fresh data in micro-batches as soon as data is available, without hitting your compute node. Thus loading data using Snowpipe reduces the load on the compute node and helps cut costs while improving loading speed.

  • Managing merge frequency: When we merge fresh data with existing data in your data warehouse, we run a query to do so. This allows our inputs that pull data frequently to pass that speed on to you on the warehouse side. However, such queries do incur a cost. That's why we now let you define specific timing for when those queries should be run, so you're in full control.

Both of these options are now available right from the UI on your Snowflake output node under Settings. We hope they prove useful!

Other improvements

  • We heard you about wanting to hide the events view on the Live tab - now you can pick the full view option in the Live views option in the top right, so all you see is those beautiful dots flying by.

  • We upgraded the Google AdWords input to use the latest and greatest API version v201811.

  • We made some minor but far-reaching improvements to the stability and usability of many of our database inputs (MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server), as well as to the Mixpanel, Zendesk, and Kafka inputs.  Among other things we've done a pretty massive scrub of our error strings to make sure that when your input hits an error, you'll know what to do! If one of those inputs is near and dear to your heart, feel free to reach out for details. That's it!

We're just about as excited for this release as we are for the turkey that comes at the end of it. See you next month!

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