May 2018 (Instagram closed beta, Python 3 support)

Another exciting month of updates! Take a look at what's new for May:

Instagram closed beta

Instagram Input is now available for private beta! Drop us a note at if you're interested! Even if you're not quite ready to try out the beta, you can always take a look at the next best thing: the documentation (also beta).

Python 3 support

Code Engine now supports Python 3, and so we will be gradually upgrading all customers to Python 3. If you want to hop on that Python 3 train now, let us know by opening a support ticket, and we'll walk you through it.

Alas, Python 2 will be officially retired on January 1, 2020, and as preparation we will discontinue support of Python 2 on July 1, 2019.

Additional changes

Incremental Pagination added to the REST Input interface. Joining Simple and Sessioned pagination types, Incremental pagination is where every request includes the page number the request is for, and subsequent requests are for the next page, incrementally.

We removed the "beta" tag from the Restream Queue (it was long overdue).

Updates, tweaks, and fixes

  • We've made various minor fixes to the MongoDB and Kafka inputs' user interfaces.

  • CodeEngine - fixed some exceptions and timeouts when testing code.

  • Mapper: Fixed an exception that happened sometimes when auto-mapping. AdWords String is now correctly mapped to string type. Support for new datatype: unsigned bigint

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