March 2018 (Input improvements and more)

Hello and welcome! We're excited to show you the improvements this month.

Input improvements

  • MySQL got a new redesign, but we’re not done yet, with even more enhancements coming!

  • Salesforce: we made several improvements and bug fixes, and we now support more objects for you to pull via the API (coming soon the UI).

  • For NetSuite, remember that annoying limitation in the UI that made it so you always had to have standard objects in the objects you wanted to pull? Gone! We made the standard object optional. That's right, now you can pull custom objects from NetSuite without having to also specify standard objects.

  • The REST input received various bug fixes and improvements, including support for incremental pagination via the API.

  • We upgraded our usage of the Google Adwords API to version 201802.

  • We gave PostgreSQL a little love as well, fixing various minor bugs and just generally tidying up.

Other noteworthy fixes and improvements

  • The Code/Samples area in the Code Engine editor can now be resized! You asked, we listened. Sweet!

  • Now we support cron for default scheduling of consolidations. That's right, via the API, you can specify cron as the default method for scheduling consolidations. So, if you want, you can set all consolidations to run at a specific TIME (e.g. hh:00, hh:15, hh:30, hh:45), instead of every 15 minutes starting from the input creation time. This means you can have all your consolidations run at the same time and decrease the amount of cycles you need your data warehouse actively loading, avoiding those activation charges. Existing schedules won't be affected if you do change the default though. You'll have to change those manually.

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