July 2018 (MySQL input enhancements, Azure output beta, single sign-on, API authentication, and lots more)

Hello and welcome to the July Release! We have a lot to show you this month!

MySQL input enhancements

Our biggest update to the MySQL input yet. We've overhauled our UI to provide the following enhancements:

  • No more manually typing in schemas and table names. Selection from a list is here!

  • Large tables? No problem! HUGE tables? Bring them on!! Incremental backfill is here, so select the tables to sync and we'll take care of them no matter their size. All data past, present, and future. (Note: applicable for tables with primary keys only)

If you're not using MySQL, don't worry, all of this greatness is coming to other inputs very soon.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse output (beta)

A long time coming, we're very excited to announce that our newest output is now available for private beta. Want to load your data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse? Let us know and we’ll make it happen for you!

Zendesk input update

We now support the Ticket Comments object, and while we were at it, we threw in a bunch of other improvements under the hood to boost efficiency and performance.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google

Worried about security, or simply tired of forgetting your password? Single sign-on with Google is now available, so go ahead and make your login more secure! If you want to use SSO exclusively in your organization, let us know and we’ll forget you ever set any passwords. Not using G-Suite? SAML support for SSO with Active Directory and OKTA is on its way _SOON_, so stay tuned.

API Key authentication

Want to use SSO and also use the API? No problem! Generate an API keyfrom the Alooma UI (under Settings > API Key), and use the key to authenticate instead of username & password. Read all about it in our improved Accessing Alooma Programmatically documentation.


REST API input improvements

Have you noticed that we’ve been investing a lot of effort in our REST API input? That’s because there are just waaaay too many applications out there for us to support natively. But that's okay because our generic REST input is a great way to get at that data. In this release we:

  • made the input editable (because, let’s admit it: read-only isn’t that great).

  • added another flavor of pagination — cursor — to support even more REST APIs.

  • added a cron scheduling option, to give you the ultimate flexibility to decide when to pull data.

  • let you specify the field(s) in the response to be used as primary keys, and we use these fields to automatically generate the consolidation queries that ensure data is only loaded once into the target.

Other Improvements

  • Outputs redesigned - new look & feel and inline documentation, because outputs deserve to be beautiful on the outside too!

  • We now support the new BigQuery NUMERIC data type. 

  • Improved handling for JSON, JSONB, and TOAST data types when reading from PostgresSQL.

  • Fixed a minor issue with our handling of Oracle DATE type when the data doesn't include a timezone.

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