December 2018 (IBM Db2 beta)

We've made our way to December - and here's the release notes to match!

IBM Db2 in beta

We love ourselves some databases here at Alooma, and as of this month we're adding another to our diverse group of database inputs - IBM Db2!

If you have data in an IBM Db2 database, we now support replicating that data to your data destination via incremental replication. Just connect, select your tables and update indicator columns, configure bells and whistles at will (if you want!), and you're good to go. 

We'll bring over all your historical data, and keep your data flowing, fast. Db2 - welcome to the family!

Input improvements

  • Our MySQL input now supports server-side SSL certificates - security for the win!

  • We've made a lot of performance improvements to incremental replication for all our database inputs. Enjoy even more blazing-fast replication power.

  • The Kafka input now supports SASL authentication (security ftw again!) and LZ4 compression.

  • We've updated to the newest branding and naming for some of our Google inputs. Looking good, Google!

  • We now support the VoiceComment object in Zendesk inputs.

Bug fix

  • Our mapper UI used to only show the first 50 tables available for BigQuery destinations. Now it shows them all!

That's all for now. We're gearing up for a major year in 2019 - see you there!

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