April 2018 (New Marketo input, Snowpipe support, and more goodies)

It's spring time here in the northern hemisphere and things are really warming up at Alooma! Welcome to the April Release!

Marketo Input

The beta version of our Marketo input is out! Our latest addition to the growing list of inputs, the Marketo input lets you bring leads, activities, programs, and more into your data warehouse. Curious? You can read the docs, or just give it a spin! Either way, we want to hear your feedback!


Salesforce Input Update

For Salesforce inputs, you now authenticate (via OAuth) and then we show you a list of your objects available for replication. No more having to type them in by hand!

Snowflake Snowpipe Support

Snowpipe — Want to load data faster into Snowflake AND pay less for it? You need to talk to us about enabling Snowpipe! Reach out to Alooma support and let us know.

Updates, Tweaks, and Fixes

  • For S3 Inputs, we made Prefix a required field. This should reduce the chance of selecting a huge bucket that would take too long to prospect and load. (Hint: you can still use ‘/’ as the prefix if you want all the data.)

  • To make room for some great stuff coming, the input samples were moved to a new tab.

  • Update to Facebook Ads Insights inputs. Added ‘DMA’ to the list of Breakdowns in the drop-down list.

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements for PostgresSQL CDC, MongoDB, MySQL, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.

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