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SummaryA discussion of how to move your mappings into source control for change tracking, especially useful for customers with stage and production environments.

Many of our customers get to a point in their usage of Alooma where they'd like to move their mappings into source control for change tracking.

To enable this, we rely on our programmatic access mechanism, the Alooma API (aka You can use the api.get_mapping and api.set_mapping functions to get the mapping as JSON and set the mapping from the source control.Accessing Alooma Programmatically

This is most commonly done by customers who have a production and a development environment, so the example below addresses that use case:

import alooma 

def migrate_mapping(event_type):
  dev = alooma.Client(user, pass, account_name='dev_env_name')
  prod = alooma.Client(user, pass, account_name='prod_env_name')
  mapping = dev.get_mapping(event_type)
  # Potentially modify mapping, e.g. using a different schema on Redshift,
    but this is pretty rare.
  # Push mapping to source control (e.g. write the JSON to a local file
    that is in sync with a repo, but the methods here vary)
  prod.set_mapping(mapping, event_type)

For any questions on source control of mappings, or anything else, contact us!

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