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SummaryInformation about the various options available in the Mapper, including how to discard or delete event fields and event types (and when to discard vs. when to delete them), filter event fields, sort event types, search for event field names, remove unmapped fields from view, and change the field settings.

As you use Alooma's mapper, you'll notice that there are options for how to change your event type and event field settings as well as how to manipulate the page itself.

Discard event fields and types

All event fields can either be mapped to a target table, left unmapped, or marked as discarded (and thus are not replicated into the data destination).

  • To discard a single event field, click the colored dot next to that field until it turns gray.

  • To discard all unmapped event fields, select Actions ➔ Discard unmapped fields.

  • To discard a specific event type, select it and then select Actions ➔ Discard event type. All incoming events of this type will be discarded and the mapping definition of this event type is erased.


Afterwards, if needed, you can click the Map It button that appears on top of the mapping to reactivate this event type. All event fields are reactivated as unmapped.

Delete event types

The Edit button above the event type list enables you to delete event types from Alooma. Click Edit, followed by the X button next to the event type you'd like to delete, and then Done at the top of the list.

Only the mapping is deleted. Data that was already replicated into the data destination is not affected.


If you delete an event type but new events of that type flow into Alooma, the event type will reappear as unmapped. To permanently delete an event type, do so by discarding the events from the Code Engine.

When to delete event types and when to discard them?

For deleted event types, any new incoming data of that event type is marked as unmapped and the event type reappears in the Mapper. When you discard an event type, incoming data of that event type is continually discarded.

If you know that data of the event type will or may continue to arrive, and you want to filter it out, you should discard the event type rather than delete it.

If, for example, you are doing some clean up and would like to remove an old/unused event type from the Mapper you should delete it.

Filter event fields

Click the relevant event field color to filter the list of displayed event fields.

Sort event types

Click Sort to sort the list of event types alphabetically or by the percentage of events of each type (Count).

Search for event field names

Type in any part of the name of an event field or column name to filter the list of event fields displayed in the Mapper. This also finds fields under dictionaries, so you may need to expand them to find the field for which you are searching.

Remove unmapped fields from view

If you have fields in your mapper which are old and no longer appear in your newly arriving events, you may want to remove them from view. To do so, make sure they are unmapped and then click Actions ➔ Remove unmapped fields.


If the fields you'd like to remove are not unmapped, and you change them to unmapped, make sure to Apply the mapping before using the remove unmapped fields option. If the field appears in your events again, it will reappear in the mapper as unmapped.

Change the mapper field settings

You can manage how newly appearing fields get handled in the mapper by changing the Mapper field settings.

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