Notifications Overview


SummaryInformation about where to find and how to read Alooma notifications and an explanation of the levels of severity: Error, Warning, and Informative.

Alooma's Notifications pane, found on the Dashboard tab, gives you insight into the errors, warnings, and generally informative events that have happened in the platform. It shows notifications that have occurred in the last 24 hours.

  • Errors: These notifications show with a red indicator and require your attention for your data to be properly replicated to your data destination. These notifications generally indicate an issue that has caused events to go to the Restream Queue. Read more about common event error reasons and solutions.

  • Warnings: These notifications indicate that there's a situation that requires your attention but isn't necessarily an error. An example is that events have been sent to the Restream Queue.

  • Informative: These are notifications that indicate interesting events that do not require action. For instance, events being loaded to your data destination, mapping update success, and restream finishing.

You don't have to log in to Alooma to get these notifications - you can sign up for email digests and receive them straight in your inbox.

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