Dashboard Overview


SummaryAn explanation of how to use the Dashboard to view the status of/information about your system's throughput, latency, events per minute, incoming queue, and Restream Queue. Also included: how to filter by time and how to hover over parts of charts to get specific information.

Alooma's Dashboard gives you insight into the Alooma platform's status in processing your data. It does so through a set of charts that indicate the state of different aspects of the system:

  • Throughput - This chart indicates the number of events per second flowing into the system across all of your inputs. Use this chart to get a general overview the data flowing into the system.

    • The data transferred is the amount of data in GB transferred since the last time your system was upgraded.

    • The average event size is the mean event size in bytes in the last 24 hours.

  • Latency - This chart shows the average, median, top 95%, and maximum latency of the events flowing through your system. The latency is measured as the time in seconds between when the event reached Alooma from the input to when it was loaded to your data destination. Use this chart to understand the delay you should expect in seeing your events in your data destination.

  • Events per minute - This chart shows the events per minute that Alooma received as well as the number of events that were restreamed, discarded, had an error, were unmapped, or were loaded to your data destination. Use this chart to validate that your events are being loaded properly.

  • Incoming queue - Here you can see the number of events that Alooma received across all your inputs. Use this chart to identify spikes and input behavior.

  • Restream queue - This chart shows you how your Restream Queue is growing in terms of number of events. Use this chart to identify growth or attrition of errored events, and to strengthen the feedback of whether the Restream Queue is shrinking as you fix problematic events.

Use the time filter at the top of the page to indicate the timespan the charts should reflect: Last hour, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days. Only the Throughput chart is not impacted by the time filter.

Hover over the charts to get additional breakdown information for the particular point in time.

Hover over a legend item to filter the view to only that category. Click a legend item to hide that particular category.

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