The Code Engine

Historically, customers used to store data in a staging table, perform transformations, then move these events to a new table, or perform many lengthy scripts that take time to manage and upkeep. Alooma allows you to perform any action (transformation, enrichment, workflow kickoff) per event in real time with our Python-based Code Engine. Whatever you can write in Python, you can make it happen per event as it flows through the system. Best of all, no more staging tables or delays in receiving your data.

For example, one of your Boolean fields is expecting “true” or “false”, but is starting to receive “yes” and “no” instead. You can programmatically modify these values prior to storing in your data destination so they are uniformly “true” and “false” without experiencing a type conversion error (or if it was a string, without having to query for four different values rather than just the two you expected).

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