Alooma at a Glance

When you log in to Alooma, you arrive at the Plumbing page. This is a graphical representation of your data pipeline setup — data flows from your inputs on the left, through the Code Engine, then the Mapper, and then into your Output (also known as the Data Destination). From the Plumbing page you can access any part of the process: Input, Code Engine, Mapper, Restream Queue, and Output. Also, this is where you go to add new Inputs.

The icons on the left lead to Alooma's other features:

  • Dashboard: An overview of the system, including graphs for your throughput, latency, Restream queue, and incoming queue.

  • Live: From Live, you can see the data flowing from your inputs into your output.

  • Restream: Events that fail to load are captured here.

  • Code Engine: Transform your data as it arrives.

  • Mapper: Manage the mapping/schema for your data.

  • Settings: You can manage your account here: Alerts, S3 Retention, User Management.

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