Digest Emails


SummaryWhat a Digest email contains, and how to subscribe to receive them.

Alooma provides the ability to receive digest emails about the state of your system.

Digest information

The email digests have two sections:

  • Aggregated statistics since the last digest mail was sent. This section includes:

    • Total number of events received

    • Number of incoming events that went to restream

    • Number of unmapped events

    • Number of events that were discarded (as a result of your choice to discard from the Code Engine or the Mapper)

    • Number of other events that went to restream

    • Number of events that were loaded to your data destination

  • Notifications These are a sample the info, warning, and error notifications that have occurred in your system since the last digest mail.


You can subscribe to email digests via Settings ➔ Email Alerts. From there you can choose:

  • Hourly or daily emails.

  • How to include notifications of different types.

  • The list of email recipients.


There are some emails you'll receive regardless of whether or not you've subscribed to digest emails. These include critical system mails, such as an indication that your Restream Queue is dangerously full.

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