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SummaryA description of Alooma Live, including how to access it and the information displayed.

Alooma Live lets you visualize your data as it flows in through your inputs. It shows statistics, extracts live samples, and allows you to search and filter your data streams, all in real time.

When you launch Live from the navigation, it immediately connects to all of your inputs. It then shows all of the events, raw and untransformed, as they flow into your system. There's a node per input, and you can see the bubbles, each representing an event, as they are emitted from that input.

Below the nodes you will see incoming event bars that show the contribution of each input to the overall event flow into the system as a function of time.

In the right-hand pane you will see the events themselves as they appear. You can pause the stream, and you can use free-text filtering to show events that contain some text. As you filter events, only the events that match that filter will appear in the pane, as well as flowing out of the nodes.

At the bottom of the screen you can see the name of each input time as well as its average throughput.

Since Live only shows the events that have streamed through the system since you launched it, we recommend using it once you've attached a new input or if you are expecting a particular event to flow, such that you can verify that the event or events are flowing as expected.

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