Metricbeat Integration

Alooma supports Elasticsearch's beats protocol to receive events. Using Metricbeat, it is possible to send events to Alooma from your system and service metrics in a few steps.

  1. Log in to your Alooma account and add a "Server Logs" input from the Plumbing page.

  2. Give your input a name, and click Next.

  3. Copy the generated token.

  4. Download and install Metricbeat.

  5. Configure Metricbeat according to the example configuration below. Enter your modules and be sure to use the token from step 3 and add the message field. In our example we're using logstash for the output:

    # example modules
    - module: system
      [ ... ]
    - module: apache
      [ ... ]
          # The token you receive when creating a new
          # Server Log input in the Alooma UI
          token: "<YOUR_TOKEN>"
          message: "stub"
      hosts: [""]
      ssl: enabled: true 

    Alooma looks for a "message" field and treats it as the event. Any other fields are treated as the metadata. If the "message" field is missing, the events are discarded as invalid events. For Metricbeat, all the metrics information will be under the _metadata parent field in Alooma.

    You can further customize your Metricbeat client by following the example configuration file in Metricbeat's GitHub repository.

  6. Run Metricbeat: metricbeat -c metricbeat.yml

That's it, you're ready to send events to Alooma. Enjoy!

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