Stripe Integration via REST API

This article describes how to get your Stripe information into your data destination via a REST API input.

  1. You'll need to get an API key for authentication via your Stripe dashboard. For more information about API keys, see

  2. From the Plumbing page, select Add new input.

  3. Select REST from the list of inputs.

  4. Provide a name for your input. We’ll use the input name in the UI and to name the events that come from this input. Note that after creation, the input name cannot be changed.

  5. Enter your Stripe API URL and leave the HTTP method as GET. For this example, we're using:

  6. Select Cursor pagination with the Object ID as id, the Page Parameter as starting_after, and the More Results as has_more.

  7. Set the Data field to data.

  8. Here's what the input should look like so far:

  9. Enter a Primary Key for consolidations. Most Stripe inputs use "Id" for the Primary Key.

  10. Under Advanced Settings, specify a header for the authentication key. The Parameter is Authorization, the Value is the authentication key from step 1, and the Type is Text.

  11. At this point, your input is ready unless you want to change the default interval for pulling data. Once you're ready, click Create Input. And you're done.

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