Eloqua Integration via REST API

This article describes how to get your Asana information into your data destination via a REST API input.


You'll need to create a separate REST API input for each data or asset object.

A Quick Note About Authentication

Authentication for Eloqua is covered in their API docs here: See the instructions for how to authenticate using HTTP Basic Authentication.

Creating an Input

Follow these steps for each object (asset or data).

  1. From the Plumbing page, click Add new input.

  2. Select REST API from the list of inputs.

  3. Enter a name for the input. We’ll use the input name in the UI and to name the events that come from this input. Note that after creation, the input name cannot be changed.

  4. Enter the API URL for the object you wish to retrieve. For a list of objects, see Leave the HTTP Method as GET. Some example API URLs: or or or

  5. Enter your username and password to authenticate.

  6. For Pagination, use Incremental with a Page Parameter of Page and an initial value of 1.

  7. Do not specify any Endpoint parameters.

  8. Add a Primary Key: id

  9. Click Create input.

And that's it. Your data will begin arriving soon. Remember to create another input for each additional object.

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