iOS Properties

Alooma's iOS SDK sends certain super properties automatically. Below is the current list of event properties we collect:

  • App Release ($app_release) - General build of this app.

  • App Version ($app_version) - Full detail of this app build.

  • Carrier ($carrier) - Wireless carrier of the device owner.

  • iOS Ifa ($ios_ifa) - iOS identifier for Advertisers.

  • iOS Version ($os_version) - Current version of iOS on the device.

  • Manufacturer ($manufacturer) - Always Apple (so far...).

  • Lib Version ($lib_version) - Mixpanel library used to send this data.

  • Model ($model) - Device model ID, in format "iPad 3,4". Full list here.

  • Device Model (mp_device_model) - Legacy device model ID, same as $model.

  • Operating System ($os) - "iPhone OS" (outdated naming convention).

  • Screen Height ($screen_height) - Height, in points, of the device screen.

  • Screen Width ($screen_width) - Width, in points, of the device screen.

  • Wifi ($wifi) - Set to true if Wifi is connected, false if not.

For any questions about using the iOS SDK, please contact us!

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