Android Properties

Alooma's Android SDK sends certain super properties automatically. Below is the current list of event properties we collect:

  • App Version ($app_version) - Current app version.

  • App Release ($app_release) - General build of this app.

  • Bluetooth ($bluetooth_enabled) - Set to true is Bluetooth is enabled, false if not.

  • Bluetooth Version ($bluetooth_version) - Set to "none", "ble", or "classic".

  • Brand ($brand) - Device brand.

  • Carrier ($carrier) - Wireless carrier of the device owner.

  • Has NFC ($has_nfc) - Set to true if Near Field Communication is being used, false if not.

  • Has Telephone ($has_telephone) - Set to true if this device has telephone functionality, false if not.

  • Lib Version ($lib_version) - Version of the Mixpanel library used to send this data.

  • Manufacturer ($manufacturer) - Device manufacturer.

  • Model ($model) - Device model.

  • Operating System ($android_os) - Android.

  • Os Version ($os_version) - Current Android version for this device.

  • Screen DPI ($screen_dpi) - Pixel density of the device screen.

  • Screen Height ($screen_height) - Height, in pixels, of the device screen.

  • Screen Width ($screen_width) - Width, in pixels, of the device screen.

  • Wifi ($wifi) - Set to true is Wifi is connected, false if not.

  • Google Play Services ($google_play_services) - Verifies that Google Play services is installed and enabled on this device, and that the version installed on this device is no older than the one required by this client.

For any questions about using the Android SDK, please contact us!

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