Mixpanel Integration

Alooma can read and replicate all of the Mixpanel event data from your Mixpanel account. This allows you to merge client usage data with other data in your data destination.


Alooma provides a way for you to pull your Mixpanel data using Mixpanel's Export API to import events. Events imported from Mixpanel are in JSON format and are identical to the events tracked by your app.

Note that these events include timestamps as seconds from the epoch, in the timezone of your project (not GMT). Due to Mixpanel's API limitations, this integration runs once daily, to import events from the previous day.

Setting up the integration

The Mixpanel input pulls data once per day. You can connect Mixpanel to Alooma in just a few steps:

  1. Add your Mixpanel input from Alooma's plumbing screen.

  2. Give your input a name. The name will appear in the plumbing screen, but by default will not effect the name of the events that the input emits.

  3. Provide the API secret (32 lowercase characters and numeric digits).

  4. In the default options, you can choose the time span of events to pull. By default we'll pull the last year, with no stopping point.

  5. By default Alooma splits up Mixpanel events by the event type that Mixpanel gives them. If selected, you'll get an Alooma event type for each Mixpanel event type, otherwise all events will show up as a single event type, based on the input name.

Keep the mapping mode to the default of OneClick if you'd like Alooma to automatically map the Mixpanel events directly to your data destination. Otherwise, they'll have to be mapped manually from the Mapper screen.

That's it! You're ready to integrate Mixpanel and Alooma.

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