JavaScript Properties

Alooma's JavaScript SDK sends certain super properties automatically. Below is the current list of event properties we collect:

  • Browser ($browser) - Browser name (not versioned).

  • Browser Version ($browser_version) - Browser version number.

  • Device ($device) - The name of the event sender's device, if they're on mobile web.

  • Current URL ($current_url) - The full URL of the webpage on which the event is triggered.

  • Initial Referrer ($initial_referrer) - Referring URL at first arrival.

  • Initial Referring Domain ($initial_referring_domain) - Referring domain at first arrival.

  • Operating System ($os) - OS of the event sender.

  • Mixpanel Library (mp_lib) - Mixpanel Library that sent the event.

  • Referrer ($referrer) - Referring URL, including your own domain.

  • Referring Domain ($referring_domain) - Referring domain, including your own domain.

  • Screen Height ($screen_height) - The height of the screen of the device.

  • Screen Width ($screen_width) - The width of the screen of the device.

  • Search Engine ($search_engine) - Search engine a customer used when they arrived at your domain.

  • Search Keyword (mp_keyword) - Search keywords detected on the referrer from a search engine to your domain.

  • UTM Parameters (utm_source, utm_medium, etc.) - Any utm tags associated with the link a customer clicked to arrive at your domain. Each utm will be collected under its own property.

For any questions about using the JavaScript SDK, please contact us!

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