OneClick vs. Customized Integration Creation


SummaryA description of the two mapping modes available in Alooma: OneClick and Customized.

All of Alooma's integrations give you the option of creating them with mapping mode OneClick (automatic) or Customized (manual). This setting defines whether Alooma will map this integration's events to your data destination, or you'll define your own mapping.


If you choose the OneClick mapping mode, Alooma will:

  • Automatically map your data to the data destination

  • Create tables automatically (don't worry, we'll never overwrite existing tables)

  • Get your data flowing with no muss or fuss

Choose OneClick mapping mode if you want your data to be sent exactly as it appears in your source. You'll always have the flexibility to customize your mapping later on. As your input's schema changes, we'll update your data destination automatically.

If your data destination is Redshift or Snowflake, you'll also be able to define which schema in your data warehouse you'll want your events to be mapped to. If your data warehouse is BigQuery, you'll be able to do the same for datasets.


If you choose the Customized mapping mode, you'll be able to:

  • Define your own custom mapping of your data to your data destination using the Mapper.

  • Have complete control over table naming and settings like keys, if relevant for your data destination.

Choose customized mapping mode if you have specific, complex needs for how your data should appear in your data destination, such as combining multiple input tables into a single data warehouse table.

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