Instagram Integration

Connect your Instagram accounts with Alooma and unlock the ability to import historical and up to date story, media, user insights, and comments from your Instagram business account to your data destination. This allows you to cleanse and transform your Instagram data and then merge it with other data for analysis.

  1. From the Plumbing page, select Add new input.

  2. Select Instagram from the list of inputs.

  3. Log in to your Instagram account by clicking Continue with Facebook and entering your credentials as necessary.

  4. Enter a name for the input. We’ll use the input name in the UI but it will not affect the naming of events that come from this input. Note that after creation, the input name cannot be changed.

  5. Enter the ID of the Facebook page that is linked to the Instagram Business Account. To find your Facebook page ID: open your Facebook page, click the About tab, and scroll down to the More Info section.

  6. Once you enter your page ID, select the objects to import. The list includes: Media, Stories, User Insights, and Comments.


    Alooma will only pull comments for objects that are currently scheduled for import. By default, that's the last 14 days. Think of it as a moving window during which we pull all the objects you select (media, stories, etc.), and then for each one of these we pull all the new comments. So with the default settings, if an object was created 15 days ago, we will not pull any new comments for that object — even if those comments were added any time during the last 14 days. 

  7. By default, we'll sync every 30 minutes, and pull Media and Stories from the last 14 days. You can change that behavior (and more) via the Advanced Settings.

  8. Click Create Input.

And that's it — you've created an Instagram input.

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