Supported HubSpot Objects

Alooma pulls all HubSpot data incrementally, to be as efficient as possible with your API quota. We support replication of the following HubSpot objects:


  • The contacts object contains information about individual contacts in HubSpot. Attributes include the contact ID, first and last name, and custom attributes.

Contact Lists

  • The contact_lists object contains information about your HubSpot contact lists. Attributes include the list ID, name, internal list ID, portal ID, meta data, and created and updated at timestamps.

Email Subscription Timeline

  • The email_subscription_timeline object contains information about your HubSpot subscription changes as a time-ordered list. Attributes include the portal ID, timestamp, recipient, and the changes that were made.

Email Events

  • The email_events object contains information about email events and how recipients interact with content. Attributes include the email event ID, event type, recipient, portal ID, app ID, app name, email campaign ID, IP address, location, and created at timestamp. Sent by data is also included, if applicable.

Recent Campaigns

  • The recent_campaigns object contains campaign IDs with recent activity associated with the portal. Attributes include the app ID, app name, campaign ID, and last updated time. Note that this table doesn't guarantee having all campaign IDs, since it only contains ones with recent activity from the time you connected to HubSpot.

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