Google Sheets Integration

Alooma can read and replicate data from your Google Sheets spreadsheets. This allows you to, for example, merge arbitrary data from Google Sheets with client usage data in your data destination.

Connecting to Google Sheets
  1. Add your Google Sheets input from Alooma's plumbing screen

  2. Click the button to authenticate with your Google credentials

  3. Provide the ID of the root folder.

    • All sheets documents in that folder and child folders will be pulled.

    • You can find the ID by clicking on the folder where your sheets reside and using the last part of the URL, such as

  4. Optional Filters to limit the pulled files, based on Google's filter documentation.

    • Note that we assume trashed=false filter.

  5. Define which files to import:

    1. All files will pull all the data from your folders (for a given prefix, if defined above), and will continue to do so forever.

    2. A date span pulls files written between the given dates, inclusive. If you select the date span option and don't specify dates, the input will only pull files written after the input was created.

Keep the mapping mode to the default of OneClick if you'd like Alooma to automatically map the Google Sheets spreadsheet events directly to your data destination. Otherwise, they'll have to be mapped manually from the Mapper screen.

That's it! You're ready to import your data from Google Sheets into Alooma!

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