Google Ads Integration

Alooma can read and replicate all of the Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) report data from your Google Ads account, as well as any children accounts. This allows you to merge ad data with other data such as customer usage data in your data destination.


Alooma provides a way for you to pull your Google Ads data using Google's API. Alooma pulls the Ads data daily for a configurable number of days back to account for attribution.


Google Ads has "advertiser accounts" and "manager accounts." The API requires a manager account in place even if you only have one advertiser account associated. Without a managerial account Alooma cannot connect to Google Ads. See for more information about manager accounts.

When setting up this integration you can choose to import historical data, in which case Alooma will retrieve historical data from that date.

Setting up the integration

You can connect Google Ads to Alooma in just a few steps:

  1. Add your Google Ads input from Alooma's plumbing screen.

  2. Connect to Google and select the account which is associated with Google Ads. Note this must be a manager account with at least one linked advertiser account.

  3. Supply the following information:

    • Name - We’ll use the input name in the UI and to name the events that come from this input. Note that after creation, input name can’t be changed.

    • Customer ID - 10 digits separated by dashes, like XXX-XXX-XXXX. Learn how to find your Customer ID. We'll pull data from any children accounts that exist by default.

    • Report type - Defines the available report fields. Check out the Report Types Chart for help picking the right report type.

    • Report fields - The columns that will come back with your report. You can search by either the field label or the API name.

  4. Under the Advanced Settings, choose how many days of data you'd like Alooma to pull on every connection. The default is 30 days, to account for attribution.

  5. Indicate whether you'd like to include data which reflects zero impressions.

  6. Choose whether you'd like to import historical events (if not, we'll pull 30 days in the past by default).

  7. Choose whether you'd like a stopping point for the input.

Keep the mapping mode to the default of OneClick if you'd like Alooma to automatically map the Google Ads events directly to your data destination. Otherwise, they'll have to be mapped manually from the Mapper screen.

That's it! You're ready to pipe Google Ads data into Alooma.

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