Whitelisting Alooma IPs in Amazon


SummaryHow and why to whitelist Alooma's IP addresses within Amazon.

Are you planning to connect via SSH? If so, check out our SSH documentation.

For Alooma to be able to access your RDS hosted data source directly, you'll need to create a new security group or add us to a security group where you've whitelisted the Alooma IP addresses. Just make sure the group is authorized to access the data source you want to connect to Alooma.

  1. From the AWS management console, go to the management page for the security group (new or existing).

  2. In the security group view, select the Inbound tab on the bottom half of the page, then in that tab click Edit.

  3. In the Edit inbound rules dialog you'll add the IP addresses that Alooma can use to access the data source. To add a new rule, click Add Rule at the bottom of the list, and set the following:

    • Type - Custom TCP Rule.

    • Protocol - TCP (the default).

    • Port Range - The number of the open port your data source uses (for example 3306 for MySQL or 1433 for SQL Server).

    • Source - Custom IP (the default). In the field next to Source, paste in one of the 4 IP addresses:





  4. Repeat the Add Rule steps above until you've created a rule for each of the IP addresses listed.


    You can rename a security group by hovering over the group name and clicking the pencil icon.

That's it! Alooma should now be able to reach your RDS-hosted data source.

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