Advanced Connectivity


SummaryConnecting to Alooma (for Enterprise): Reverse SSH, VPC Peering, Site-to-site VPN.

When it comes to connecting your data sources to your data destination, security is paramount. The more complex the system, (the more networks involved, etc.) the more difficult security becomes. If you find yourself moving beyond the need for basic SSH connectivity, Alooma can help.

For larger, complex deployments, Alooma offers three advanced security options for connectivity. These types of connections typically require you to work directly with Alooma and are not available with Alooma On Demand.

Reverse SSH

If your site security is configured in such a way that you need to avoid opening ports on your firewall, you can connect via reverse ssh tunnel. For instructions on how to set up Reverse SSH tunneling, see Reverse SSH Tunnel Setup.

VPC Peering

If you want to use VPC peering, Alooma can support your Amazon VPC. Contact Alooma to enable VPC Peering. Available for Enterprise for Sensitive Data customers only.

Site-to-site VPN

For larger enterprise configurations, Alooma can support site-to-site VPN. Contact Alooma for information on setting up site-to-site VPN. Available for Enterprise for Sensitive Data customers only.

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