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Alooma can read and replicate many of the objects from your account. This allows you to, among other scenarios, merge your CRM data with other data in Alooma to get deeper insights on your business' customer success.


Alooma synchronizes data every half hour. We pull the entirety of the data objects every time.

Setting up the integration

You can connect to Alooma in just a few steps:

  1. Click Add an input from the plumbing screen.

  2. Select the option.

  3. Give your integration a name. We’ll use the input name in the UI, but it won’t affect event naming. Note that after creation, input name cannot be changed.

  4. Supply your API Key, which can be found under Settings / Your API Keys in the UI.

  5. Select the objects you'd like to stream to Alooma (by default we selected some commonly used ones). We don't yet support the Activity option, but that's coming soon!

Keep the mapping mode to the default of OneClick if you'd like Alooma to automatically map all objects directly to your data destination. Otherwise, they'll have to be mapped manually from the Mapper screen.

That's it, you're ready to replicate your objects to your data destination!

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